5 Day Instagram

Backed by psychologically reverse engineered tips and tricks, you’ll unlock the key to growth on Instagram.

How does the Instagram Ninja Workshop work?

Workshop has total 5 modules, four recorded videos on a gap of one day will be sent to you after two days of you enrolling in the course. At the end, there will be a live session followed by a discussion and question answers.

What You Will Learn Coming 5 Days?

Reverse engineer the Instagram Algorithm and psychology that goes in building an attention grabbing profile.

Strategies which work!! Tried and tested techniques in order to get high engagement and give your audience a huge quality experience so that they stick to your brand.

How to design posts, stories and reels? What type of content works? What is the easiest method to get followers without spending too much time on platform? All questions answered.

Optimize your profile according to the visual hierarchy. Learn how to sell your work on Instagram as a freelancer or an employee. Let’s ace the personal branding game.

Case studies, tons of tools, branding methodologies, Instagram as a business, affiliate with Instagram, increasing story views, and much more, followed by a question answer and discussion in live webinar.

Frequently Asked Questions

The workshop starts after 2 days of the payment done.

Yes! You will receive a certificate on completion

This workshop guarantees no income. The workshop is designed to get your Instagram efforts streamlined and help you get started with generating leads, building a personal brand or get good job opportunities.

Remember this is a workshop not an online course. So, no you dont get lifetime access to the videos. But we understand, you might want some more time to absorb the information, hence you can view all the videos for one week after the workshop.

Please write to :  innovativelabscontact@gmail.com our awesome support team will get back to you in under 6 hours.

The workshop is super under priced keeping in mind Indian spend capacity. So for everyone who is not residing in India ( be it indian or not ) you will be charged at 40$. This is still a super under priced considering the value given away in the workshop.



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